Hi, I'm Joti!

Connecting with people and their stories. Making stuff with my hands. Building meaningful relationships. Those are some of the things that light me up and I’m so grateful to have a job that allows me to do them all.

Social media has allowed me to cultivate an incredible community where I’ve been able to share my love for creating, all the while working with brands to help pass their message along in a way that’s authentic to me. 

I was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. as a daughter of immigrants from India. I studied linguistics, geography, and Spanish in my undergrad, then met my husband and moved across the country to rural Ontario where we farm asparagus, bell peppers and onions. We’ve got three babes who keep us on our toes and a handful of chickens roaming around in our backyard. Spending the spring and summer months in my garden is one of my favourite pastimes and (to my husbands dismay) I often dream about adding more animals to our homestead one day. 

I picked up stitching as a form of therapy while working a pretty demanding and stressful job, and it wasn’t long before it became my fulltime gig. I am entirely self taught and my passion for needlepoint has evolved through the years. I went from simple embroidery to felting, and enjoy making custom pieces for customers all throughout the world. I also began baking sourdough in 2019 and the dehydrated starter I sell on this site is the exact same starter I’ve had since then! It’s another passion that somehow turned into a source of income.

The third part of my “job” is marketing. I work in freelance marketing, as I collaborate with brands to share their products or services with my online community. Creating ad content in the form of videos is actually quite enjoyable for me and feels natural as it allows me to incorporate my creativity with the brands message.  

Thanks for being here!